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Do you provide free consultations/quotes?

Yes, all of our consultations and quotes are free of charge for both Airbnb management and renovations. It's important to us that we are a good fit for each other. If we feel that we are the right people for the job, and you agree to our rates and terms, we then issue out an invoice (and contract if applicable) for work agreed upon.

How does your billing work?

For renovations we ask for a deposit upfront, and the outstanding invoice is due within 48hrs of job completion.


For airbnb management we ask for a non-refundable $500 retainer fee up front.  Monthly, a 20% revenue charge + cleaning fee + operating expenses (products, condiments, replacements, etc) will be invoiced at the end of each month. In most cases, we will set up the airbnb payouts to go directly into your bank account, wherein we will charge you the service fee thereafter, on the 1st of every month.  It will be up to the property owner to manage their profits and payout for services provided accordingly.


For airbnb arbitrage, we pay you to rent your space in a standard tenant agreement, and we cover the rest!  Bills, regular cleaning, etc. As a landlord, you can rest assured your rental unit will be well taken care of, spotlessly cleaned and checked on regularly, and well loved. 


We charge a 4% late payment fee, per week, for all of our services. 

This is something that will be unique to each agreement. Some spaces are already set up and (mostly) ready to go. Some places may be unfurnished, while others may land somewhere in between. We do have to approve of the quality and feel of the space so that it can meet our airbnb standards. Our goal is to have 5 star reviews on all our locations, to maximize bookings and profit, and leave people happy with their stay. That starts with a good set up-  an inviting feel, quality linens, plants, and all the amenities the space can provide. 


Terms & Conditions

Our goal is to ensure that our clients are happy and satisfied, and to deliver a high-quality service in a clean, honest, reliable and timely fashion, using the highest quality environmental products and services available where and when applicable. We promise to deliver outstanding customer service by making sure that there is a clear and open line of communication between the customer and the client. Work is guaranteed for a period of one year from that date upon which completion of a project is established. Any damages incurred by the shifting of establishment, dwelling, or otherwise, due to seasonal changes, expansion and contraction of said establishment, dwelling, or otherwise, are not covered by warranty.  Where damage is deemed by NWRPM to be the fault of the building process, improper installation or any other damage, will be at the discretion of NWRPM. Guarantee is also void, and all liabilities waived, where work is completed over rotten or damaged surfaces prior to application, coating, or renovation, after consultation with client. NWRPM reserves the right to refuse work when and where these situations arise and the client refuses to correct flawed structure prior to accepted estimate terms. The client is responsible for all expenses incurred during the process up to that point which includes, labour, materials, administrative functions, etc. to perform the initial work. Weather related damage occurring due to pooling of water, extreme heat, flooding, intense traffic, friction, wind, rain, sand abrasion, where temperatures of surfaces or environment do not guarantee a product, or where work was done by another contractor, or there is product failure due to manufacturer product flaws and errors, and all liabilities against NWRPM are waived, not the fault of NWRPM, but rather, considered ‘Acts of God’, as accorded by law.  All change orders must be received in writing, signed by both parties, with the understanding that any and all changes made to original estimate are subject to additional costs incurred due to required materials, labour etc. to perform such changes to the original agreement. All building permits are the sole responsibility of the client, unless deemed more appropriate to be handled by NWRPM by both parties, with the understanding of additional costs incurred for admin functions and permit costs which are to be covered by client, and the original estimate will be amended to reflect said change. By paying the deposit, the client understands that estimates are not fixed quotes, and can vary in price compared to the final invoice; due to labour and  material cost changes. All invoice payments are due upon completion of project and receipt of invoice, a late payment penalty fee of 4% per week will be added to customer account/invoice after late submission of payment. All invoices are subject to a 10% administration fee, on top of labour, subcontractors, materials, etc. 

Do you furnish my place for airbnb?

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